30 sept. 2010


Via ici.

28 sept. 2010

Astronomy Picture of the Day

 The Dancing Auroras of Saturn 

The Galactic Center in Infrared from 2MASS 

Equinox and the Iron Sun 

The Veil Nebula 

An Extraordinary Spiral from LL Pegasi 

Star Streams and the Sunflower Galaxy 

Arp 188 and the Tadpole's Tidal Tail 

27 sept. 2010

"Le placard"

"Le placard" de John Burningham.

25 sept. 2010


Sur YouTube !

"L'Esprit de la ruche"

24 sept. 2010

"The musicians of Bremen"

"The musicians of Bremen", illustré par Katrin Stangl.

23 sept. 2010


"Animaux" de Paul Cox.

22 sept. 2010

"La ronde des saisons almanach"

"La ronde des saisons almanach" de Sabine Lohf et Sibylle Sailer.

21 sept. 2010


"Olkityöt" d'Eevi Lindén et Tuulikki Talvitie.