2 avr. 2010

Marché de primeur

Marché de primeur en carton, papier de soie, petites boîtes d'emballage, 
filets de légumes, etc…

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  1. C'est très mignon! Je faisais ça aussi quand j'étais petite. Avec mon frère on a construit un village entier avec du carton et du scotch Your blog makes me smile Xx

  2. lili et olly,
    bon week end à vous !

  3. Have you 2 nimble fingers MOST giving further!
    then this is incredible.

  4. oh wow! this is marvellous!!! i LOVE this post and this little shop! do you have more of this (barber's, clothes etc.)? one could create a little town like this, and make animation films - or at least foto series like you did here! this is so great.
    who is the author? you?

  5. Hi Ieva,
    I made this, but the concept of miniature of shops is quite common.
    The children would make that much nicer!

  6. Oh, I love that little shop very very much! How did you do the legumes and fruits? They look quite "real". And by the way: Your children atelier is very inspiring. I will come back more often yet. xx MiMa

  7. MiMa,
    Thank you for your message. The fruits and vegetables are made by papier de soie (silk paper in English?) and wood beads.

  8. what a wonderful "Fruits et legumes"! :)